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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Plain Design - Polytechnic Of Muadzam Shah Vehicle Stickers

28th November 2012 - 2.47 pm

It's Wednesday, so I'm bound (kinda) to write my post in English.. *please ignore my previous entry for today which I wrote in Malay*

A few weeks back, me being a member of PKPMS (Persatuan Kakitangan Politeknik Muadzam Shah) has been asked to design something.. To tell the truth, I'm not really the best person to turn to when it comes to designing things, but I accepted the challenge anyway.. :)

So after about a week of strenuous exercise for my tiny little brain, I came up with these designs :

4 warna berbeza untuk 4 kategori berbeza.. Pilihan warna adalah mengikut kehendak pelanggan yer, so kalau tak suka kaler tu mmg aku takleh nak kater ape laa.. Errr.. Why did I write in Malay?.. Sorry, temporary insanity.. :P Translation given, 4 different colors were made for 4 different categories.. The colors picked for the design were entirely requested by PKPMS, so I can't do anything about them.. But the design is all me.. :)

I just found out that they have already went to the shop to print those stickers out, so any amendments are too late to be made.. :P I hope these designs will be accepted by everybody, unlike our previous car sticker which was terribly criticized..



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