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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plain Moron / Cool - Maybe They're Uncivilized / 5S Project

07 March 2012 - 1.54 pm

Me and Rina (an English lecturer in our dept) has been working on a 5S project since early this week, and we finished the project today.. We distributed our works evenly among each other, so my tasks were to capture our department's staffs picture, edit the pictures, printing out the wordings and some other stuffs.. My final task earlier was to go buy the sticky thingy that will mount our projects firmly on the wall..

So I went to a RM2 Shop here in Muadzam, and I'm pretty sure my skin got even darker as the weather was smoking hot, even though I only caught the sun for only seconds.. Anyway, I found some of those sticky stuff in the shop, and grabbed 3 packets consisting 6 pieces each..

Ended up buying the smiley ones.

As I went to the cashier, there were quite a bunch of people queuing up to pay for their things.. I was lining up properly along with other customers, when there were these 2 'uncivilized' people, cut the queue and went straight to the cashier.. I was a bit shocked when that happened, but being a forgiving person I am, I decided to just ignore them, and I think the other customers shared the same feeling.. 

But it was then the cashier, who was a young girl, just ignored the uncivilized people and continued servicing only for us the queued ones.. Somehow that view felt very refreshing.. Finally when the uncivilized people realized the mischief they have been doing, they backed off and went to the end of the queue.. Good boys.....

Well, hence that, we managed to finish our project with flying colors!! :)

 Our project was a signboard of showing the PIC (Person In Charge) of specific areas. We changed the 'Person In Charge' to 'Freak In Charge'.. Haha!!

 The almost finished project.

 Other view.


And it is done!! Pretty, isn't it? :) I am the Freak In Charge of the bulletin board 1.

We (me and Rina) can now finally breathe a little bit easier as this project is finally over. Now we can focus on other project! Sigh.. :P Hahaha!!



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