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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plain Thoughts - Sense Of Responsibility

5 April 2012 - 8.39 am

Every person is born with a sense of feeling responsible for things that they have done or going to do. What differentiate between one person with another is how they connect to this 'sense of responsibility'. Each person has their own unique ways in dealing with responsibilities. For example :

A person is excused from work because he is sick. Now, being sick is something we don't have control upon, but the way we act towards it is the thing that indicates our 'sense of responsibility' level. Different person will act differently, such as :

Person A - "Yayyy! I'm sick! Now I can take a medical leave or emergency leave and chill at home! Let the people in the office do my work!"
Person B - "Oh no! I'm sick! But if I take medical leaves, who'll do my work at the office? Gotta call someone and let him/her do my job for the day.."
Person C - "I'm sick. But I can't leave work. I can't take leave. I must go to the office....."

These are only 3 examples of how some people would react upon the given situation. Each action taken shows how 'responsible' each person is.

Another example, take housemates. Let's say one of them had some lunch in the house, while no one else is around. What'll he do after he finishes his lunch?

Person A - "Nahhh!! I'll just leave the dishes in the sink. Others will clean them."
Person B - "Ahhhh!! I'm too full right now.. Gonna take nap and clean the dishes later."
Person C - Cleans the dishes afterwards.

I'll let the thinking to you guys..



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