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Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Plain Yazidy

Full name :
Yazid Bin Yahya

Most frequently used nickname :

Place of birth :
Lenga, Muar Johor

Place grew up :
Gemas, Negeri Sembilan

Place working now :
Muadzam Shah, Pahang

Date of birth :
29th September 198.....
(fill in the blank)

Siblings :
1 brother and 3 sisters.

Height :

Weight :
57kg (currently)

Fav color :
Black and White

Least fav color :

Fav question from people :
You're not 25?

Least fav question from people :
Biler nak kawen?

Fav sports :
Err.. I don't do sports.

Fav TV show:

Fav movie :
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.
(I literally cried after they showed the third installation)

Fav spare time activity :
Blogging, FBing, movies, swimming, and other boring stuffs.

Fav music :
All kind.

Do you think you're attractive?

Do you think you're fugly?

Do you like your current job?
Unfortunately, no.

What is the job that you think you'd like :
A psychiatrist.

Are you easy to be approached to?
Maybe not. I somehow project negative energy towards new people. I can't help it though.

Can you sing?
A bit.

Can you draw?
A bit.

Marital status :

Girlfriend / Boyfriend :
I said I'm single!

Planning on having a girlfriend / boyfriend?

Planning on getting married?

It's not because I won't. It's because I can't.

Planning on having kids?

Are you secretly having a crush on someone now?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Somewhere far away with couples of kids I adopted.

Do you believe in LOVE :

Do you like to talk on the phone.

Your cheapest shirt :
RM5 t-shirt bought at Giant.

Your most expensive shirt :
RM129.90 work shirt.

Are you a creative person?
Yes, I think so.

Your strength :
Kindhearted, Punctual.

Your weakness :

Do you think you will live long?

What gets on your nerve?
Late people! It's ok if you're 15 minutes late, but 30 minutes??!!

That's all for now.. More questions will be added later.. :P

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