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Thursday, April 8, 2010

>SoulSilver journey

It has been a week since I get a hold on a SoulSilver, but given only a few spare times to play it, I haven't got really that far in my adventure. So far I've only managed to get 3 gym badges, and caught 10 Pokemons (6 in my party, 2 in the day care and the other 2 are in my storage box).

1. Flaafy

I named it 'SackShockr'. It's Static ability really come in handy dealing with physical type foes, but it only knows Thundershock and Thunderwave for Electric attacks. Caught as a Mareep.

2. Furret

It's called 'DustBuster' (taken from a guy on the net who also named his Furret DustBuster). It knows Headbutt & Rock Smash, so it's quite strong (being the only Pokemon in my party that knows a Fighting move). It evolved from Sentret.

3. Haunter

The name is 'HollowMe'. I've always love Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, so SoulSilver is no exception. Caught as a Gastly.

4. Quagsire

Nicked as 'GroundZero', this Quagsire (formerly was a Wooper) stands out when it comes to Electric foes. And it's Ground moves are quite useful when facing Poison/Steel foes.

5. Quilava

I call it 'FierceFire', and it was my starter Pokemon. Evolved from Cyndaquil, this fella is no joke. I always pick a Fire type starter, because I know fire type Pokemons are really scarce in every game. It even knows Hidden Power (Grass). Pretty neat huh.

6. Crobat

FlyOver is the name, this Crobat evolved from Golbat as soon as it evolved from Zubat (yes, it's happy with me). It knows Wing Attack to handle Grass and Fighting foes, and Leech Life to leech the health out of those Teleporting Abras.

There you go! These are my team now. There might be some changes in the roster, but for now, I'll stick with them.



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