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Friday, April 1, 2011

Plain Grassy - Floral touch...

1 April 2011 - 9.55 pm

A few weeks ago, our office received a package that consists 3 plants. And starting from that moment, deep in our hearts we knew that we have a new commitment to share between our staffs; that is to water those plants everyday.

Now after a few weeks, I took a glimpse at those poor plants.. And these are how they look like this afternoon...

The first plant. I don't even know it's name, and from the color of it's leaves, I know that it's dying for the lack of water...

The second plant. I still don't know the name of the plant, and it suffers the same fate as the first plant. The flowers look like they're at the end of spring break.

The third plant. This one, I know what plant it is.. It's an orchid.. Looks like it's a survivor, for not being watered for a few weeks.. yippie!

Okay JPA people! Let's do our best to make sure that the orchid stays unwatered! LOL!



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