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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Green Plain Hand - Bloomed withers...

5 April 2011 - 4.15 pm

During Politeknik Muadzam Shah Konvokesyen ceremony last few weeks, me and 4 others in my office had a bargain of 2 bouquets of red roses for a price of RM20. A steal, as we got 10 roses with a bunch of other small flowers.

Now that a few weeks has passed, all of the roses has withered, leaving only the small flowers. Now, the condition of the flowers depend on the person who takes care of them.

One of the flower owner really know how to take care of flowers, so her flowers look like this :

Ain't that a spring feeling? Kudos to Ms Lee Pui Har, for her love that bloomed the flowers. :)

But some of us (other than Ms Lee) doesn't really know how to pour our love into blooming a flower, and our flowers end up looking like this :

The flowers look like they suffered a painful death. :P

What about my flowers? Well, let's just put it this way; May they rest in peace.



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