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Monday, October 17, 2011

Plain *....................* - The Stairs Everybody Waited For

17th October 2011 - 11.04 pm

Finally, it's here!

Yes! After almost 1 whole year waiting, the stairs are here! The stairs that relieved us from our daily routine of climbing a somewhat steep hill to get to our offices. Since January this year,  we have been climbing that hill until some sort of 'steps' were shaped on that small hill out of being stepped on by tens of people, each day, every day.

It was on that same hill, I slipped and fell, cracking my laptop screen. So for me, the gloriness that the stairs bring came a bit too late. The damage is done, and there's nothing the stairs could do that can heal the broken heart which I felt once (gehtooooo!). Anyway, despite the disappointment that I feel about the stairs coming around too late, everybody else seems enjoying the new infrastructure. Well, no point in sulking, as nobody would actually knows it, so I might just well join them in their 'New Stairs' parade, huh? :)

 The infamous hill, that sacrifices a lot of innocent souls. Haha!! Just kidding.. It hurt my laptop screen though~~

 Another view of the horrifying avalanche of terror!

 The stairs, in the making.

 Another shot of it.

 Tadaaaaa!!! The super-awesome (sarcasm) stairs!! It came (eventually)!!

Cute, isn't it? Err, what's with the rubble?



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