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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Plain Moron - Them Who Think They're Better

14 Januari 2012 - 8.13 am

I've always been a huge fan of the manga, Liar Game since it was published in KReKO (I think), and I have been following the manga since then.

What really excites me about this particular manga is that it prompts you to actually do the thinking for the main characters, Nao and Akiyama. There are a lot of games in this manga, but all of them needs the players to do the most immoral things such as lie, betray, cheat, threat and many more to win the games. The winner will usually get billions worth of money, and the losers will end up being indebted to the game creator.

Now, why am I making an entry about this? Well, Liar Game is a thinking manga. You need to think a lot to understand the games and the plot. But somehow there are people out there who think they're better in thinking to actually out-think the author. Let's take a look at a few examples, shall we?

Moron #1 :

Dont kill me for this....but you can't force contractual obligations onto anyone by posting them 100 million yen. Furthermore, you cannot post 100 million yen and expect them to reject your offer to join the game. So in the real world this would never work because:

1. No one is going to post you 100 million yen.
2. Even if someone did, you have no contractual obligations to participate in the game.
3. Even if you do not send the money back it will not be considered as an acceptance to play on with the game.
4. In Common Law (and most civil law) posting something like this is considered the same as gifting.

O_O* Seriously the author should have reconsidered his starting for the manga....

I read up to Chapter 2 and find it beyond lame. O_O* I rather read pokemon than read Liar Game. At least pokemon still makes sense in its own make belief way but this is SO lame.... 

yazidy : Okay, this is a MANGA, as in COMIC, generally. There is no rule that contradicts to the 'unreal' surroundings or facts in comics. Sure, the author tried his best in making the manga as real as possible, but there are points of escape from reality which make this manga interesting. Why would you compare between Liar Game and Pokemon? It's like comparing caviar with jelly. Okay, caviar is exaggerating, but same difference. It's a manga. You can't expect it to be perfectly realistic. 

Moron #2 :

I couldn't stand it too. Stopped reading after chapter 4 and started Sailor Moon instead. 

yazidy : Yeah, read Sailor Moon instead. Your stiff mind wont stand a chance with Liar Game.

The more I think about these people, the more I can come up with psychological explanations on 'why they react such way towards the manga?'. The first thing that came to my mind was the idea of them thinking they've figured out the entire plot of the manga, and since the manga itself is about questioning others, these people somehow in their 'hateful' mind absorbed the most basic idea of the manga, and that is 'to question the logical' of, well, this manga.

Then there is also the unconsciousness. To not to be tempted to out-think the author is something that we cannot escape from, but what we can do is we can always limit ourselves, our minds specifically to stay inside the 'reader's circle'. This is to ensure we fully enjoy the manga without being too much of a prejudice prick.

I'm tired of writing so early in the morning, so I'll stop here. For those who are interested in reading the Liar Game manga, you can click HERE. It's an enjoyable manga, if you like to think a lot, that is. :)



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