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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plain Cool - I Won!

11 Januari 2012 - 10.21 am

Untuk pengetahuan korang, baru-baru ni aku ada menyertai satu contest yang dianjurkan oleh blogger terkenal, Abg Eqbal Zack.. Untuk detail2, leh klik kat SINI k..

Pagi ni, Abg Eq telah umumkan pemenang bagi contest ni..

Klik gambar atau SINI untuk tengok entry pengumuman pemenang tu.

Hehehe.. Aku dah menang rupanyaaa!! Seronok sgt walaupun Kaki Wayang kater aku macam tak seronok.. Seronok dan hepi laaaa!! Serius!! :)

Aku ada masuk 3 penyertaan karangan dalam Bahasa Inggeris untuk contest ni. Antara ketiga-tiga tu, yang menang ialah karangan yang ni :

Writing 1 

There is a riddle I want you to play,
I hope you won’t be taking the whole day,
To solve this brain-twisted question,
You need to see beyond your vision..

Behold the picture that you were given,
Make sure your mind isn’t already stiffen,
Because to find the key to unlock,
All you need to do is think-out-of-the-box..

There is something wrong with the given picture,
Something that is not supposed to be there,
Can you come up with a perfect answer,
That will make your consciousness clear?

Is it the color that is absolutely wrong?
Yellow instead of red is somewhat not so strong?
If that is your final observation,
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the color is not the question..

It is painted yellow for only one mean,
Because the water is connected to public main,
When you see other color, don’t be intimidated,
Because there are also hydrants which are white and violet..

Is it the placement that catches your attention?
You may think the sidewalk is not a suitable location.
I doubt that this is a strong  counterclaim,
The placement is definitely not the answer I aim..

A hydrant is essential in a time of tragedy,
To put out flames that brings people misery,
To place it at a spot that is easy to reach,
Is the best approach someone can come up with..

It’s only fair for me to give the answer now,
If you haven’t still discovered it somehow,
What is wrong with the picture provided?
It is the car behind the hydrant..

A common-sense law is violated here,
To park a car where a hydrant’s near,
This act is selfish, it’s disproportionate,
It’ll cost so much to the ones who’s unfortunate..

So people please,
Don’t park anywhere near a fire hydrant!!

Karangan lain yang aku hantar :

Writing 2

I’ve been standing here for as long as I can remember... I’ve seen and experienced many things… But all of those things couldn’t give me the answer to my only question that I’ve been asking myself for a long time………..

What is the purpose of my life?

I remember a cute white fluffy little puppy came up to me…. It rubbed it’s body against me, and I felt warmth…. I liked that feeling and I began to like the puppy, until it peed on me…. That puppy and several other dogs gave me a glimpse of my purpose……………….

Do I exist to be a toilet for dogs?....

I don’t think so…….

Then there was a day, an old woman approached me, and she seemed like she’s having trouble in catching her breath…. She appeared better after she sat on me for quite a while, and then she left….. She made me wonder……………………

Is it my destiny to be a stool for the elderly….

I don’t think so…….

I also remember an event, and it happened at night….. A bunch of teenagers painted some mural on my body…. I have to admit that the drawing was pretty, but it had me thinking…………………

Is being a canvas for undisciplined youths really my true calling?..........

I didn’t have to even think about answering that question because I was painted yellow again the next day………

Now I’m standing strong as usual, at my usual spot….. A moment ago, some orange-clothed men came up to me and stuck a really big hose on my body….. I can feel a sort of liquid flowing through me, into the hose, and out to the fire on the shop lot…..

What are they doing?..... Is this my true purpose of life?.......

I will never know…………………………………

Writing 3

Aliendate 2167-3:  This is Azou, captain of ship X-TwerP. We arrived at a beautiful planet which consists life forms on it. We will disguise ourselves to investigate whether this planet is worth of invasion.

Aliendate 2167-7: Me, Lirad and Tumoli are disguising ourselves as the most dominant life form on this planet. They call themselves Human. They have hideous yellow-ish skin, unlike our kind which have beautiful blue-ish green skin. We orbed into one of the city.

Aliendate 2168-2: It is quite noisy in this city of these humans. Many of them displayed some kind of mating gestures towards Tumoli. It appears that Tumoli took a female form of the humans. I don't think this will be a problem, and I think Tumoli is enjoying the attentions he gets.

Aliendate 2174-8: After a few hours, we've seen almost everything they have here on this planet. The gadgets, the traffics, the buildings, and everything else are somewhat similar to what we have on our planet. Looks like these humans are having their glory time in technology. Everything looks familiar. Wait! What is that thing?.............................

Aliendate 2175-3: We saw something strange. An item that we don't have on our planet. This feeling of uncertainty is driving me crazy. What is this yellow thing? It appears to be made out of steel, but what is it's purpose? It just stands there, right at the middle of the walkway.

Aliendate 2175-8: ALERT!! Lirad fired a jolt-ray at it, and out of a sudden, a large amount of acid came out of the thing!! It burnt our skins!! It apparently is a some kind of defensive device these humans set up for us!! This is a warning to all other ships that may pass this way!! Do not approach this planet!!!!!!!!!

Signal ended……………………………

Thanks yer Abg Eq. Lain kali saya join lagi contest yer.. Huhuhu..

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FareezVanFillers said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

congrats dont forget to join the next writing contest....congrats2 btw i love the first essay!

Yazid Yahya said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@FareezVanFillers : Next contest tak dapat join sbb dia buat utk budak sekolah je.. Huhu.. Thanks yer.. :)

eqbalzack said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

salam yazid,
maaf lambat reply busy sikit hari ni.pemilihan di buat dengan kawan abg eq yg juga pensyarah di fakulti bahasa. kami baca semua essay dan esei yazid ada 1 yg menarik. teruskan usaha untuk buat essay yg terbaik...ok

Yazid Yahya said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@eqbalzack : Hehehe.. Thanks abg Eq.. InsyaAllah saya join lagi contest abg yang akan datang.. Cuma harap masa tu ada idea yang best lagi utk buat essay.. Takut idea tak datang.. Huhu..

tka anas said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

No doubt you earn it! Congrats!

I write about how adore I am with your writing here: http://relicseekerx.blogspot.com/2012/01/arty-crafty-writing.html

Hope u don't mind. =)

Yazid Yahya said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@tka anas : Wahh!! sangat terharu sbb sudi buat entry psl my writing.. Thanks!! :)

eddy syrol said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

memang hebat (~_~)

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