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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Plain Thought - Fine By Me!

1st December 2011 - 12.32 pm

What makes a human better than another human?

Of course from Islamic point of view, it is the good deeds and 'amalan' that will be counted when the time comes for us to meet the Creator. But let's take a peek at a shallower perspective to differentiate between one person from another. Let's see how people do the judgement.

Point one - Some people are blessed with luxuriousness at birth. These lucky people will have all of the opportunities in the world for them to explore. They can access almost every single 'comfort' available. They were born with all of these gifts, and unfortunately for some of those people, they grew a few assumptions about the relativity between money and standard, that is money = standard = power. They'll look down so low to people who are less fortunate than them, projecting idea that those unfortunate people don't deserve the world as much as they do. And they become arrogant.

Point two - Some people are blessed with beauty at birth. As they grow bigger, they experience all sort of accommodating events with every encounter with other human being, just because they're so easy-on-the-eyes to look at. While lots of these beautiful (both gender) people are not taking advantage of their good looks, but there are some who do. They'll have this idea of being able to get away with almost anything, as long as they practice the art of flirting at the right place with the right people. This will give them advantages that 'normal-looking' people don't have. And they become arrogant.

I'm writing this not because of jealousy, but just out of disappointment.



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