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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Plain Me - What I Wouldn't Say......

17 Julai 2011 - 10.46 pm

A thought stroke my mind as I were not waiting for any.. My brain cells suddenly started to work their muscles, and conclude many other thoughts, expanding the first one that intruded my head unexpectedly. What's it about? Well, not about Harry Potter, which seems like the most thought-about-story nowadays....

The thought was mere a thought, more to a sigh. "What I wouldn't say to people, but I really want to say" is the bother that, well, bothers me.

Among friends, or some chosen acquaintances, I am known as an openly-spoken person. I speak what I want to, despite the fact that it WILL hurt people. But honestly, I don't think I'm blunt enough. To tell the truth, I somehow manage to hold back some words, that I really really want to shout out, knowing that they would do damages to people around me. 

Don't get me wrong. It's not the physical curse such as "you're fat" or "she's dumb" that I'm hesitantly keep in my throat from bursting out, but it's the more to unpleasant nature-of-people that I'm not having a good time getting them out of my head. For example, "Motif nak cakap camtu?! Ko ingat ko artis?!" or "Cantik ke ko, pakai baju ngan mekap camtu?". 

Some hideous people in this world just seem uncontrollably confident to the extend that they thought they are knowledged enough to proudly and blatantly speak or dress their heart out, imagining that people will without any doubt swallow everything they shove and just keep quiet. Welcome to the real world, because we are not going to do that.

People WILL rebel about it one way or another. If they can't do nothing about it in real life, they'll do it in virtual life (such as what I'm doing right now), or, even more dangerous, they'll do it in anonymous vote. How? They'll not support you in your decisions, they'll bias against you on everything, they'll think of negative things when they hear your name, they wont vote you for prom queen/king (a bit comical, sorry), they'll talk behind your back and many more stuff that I couldn't think of right now. I'm sure it's in there, somewhere.

Even the word as simple as "You're wrong", if said improperly, or purposely to state your power in rank, will result in hatred, by little if not by lot. They'll not see you as Queen Elizabeth, but as an asshole who feed on power and ass-kissing. Now, ain't that an ugly picture?

Enough mumbling yazidy, or you'll break hearts. 


*This is all me. 
*Pardon my grammar mistakes. I don't take MUET.


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