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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plain Uncool! - We Are Hacked!

16 Jun 2011 - 2.22 pm

As we all may have known since last week, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has announced that our official government website was going to be hacked today at 3.30 am, but the attack started at about 7.30 pm yesterday. MCMC also confirmed that there were attempts to hack several Malaysian government websites, including its own website, www.skmm.gov.my. In TheStar, they said :

"Regarding the threat by unknown hackers to attack websites with the .gov.my domain, there were indeed attempts to hack several Malaysian government websites.

These attacks started at approximately 11.30pm, on Wednesday, June 15. We are able to confirm that 51 .gov.my websites were attacked and there has been disruption at various levels to at least 41 of those websites.

However, we do not expect the overall recovery to these websites to take long as most websites have already recovered from the attack.

Our monitoring of the situation showed that there was a reduced level of attacks by 4.00am this morning (Thursday) and upon further evaluation, so far we gauge that there has been little impact on Malaysian users as a result of this attack.

MCMC's Network Security Centre has been making concerted efforts to mitigate the attacks around the clock and will continue to work with other enforcement agencies and security experts as well service providers to monitor the situation.

The public is advised to report any information they may have regarding the identity of these hackers as the act to disrupt network services is a serious offence, which is punishable by law," MCMC said in a statement."

They also said that the attempt to hack MCMC's website was not successful.

But I personally think that the total effect of the hack-attack can only be determined after a few weeks from now. We may suffer data losses, wrong transactions, data confusion and other implications from the hack activity. Let's just wait and pray.....

ps : sori yer sbb entry kali ni dalam BI. Aku saje buat dlm BI sbb ade pelawat dari luar negara lah yg jengah blog aku psl cerita hack2 nih.. So kena la universal dan global.. gitewwwww..



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